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Meet this weeks #girloftheweek - Leah Dummel
I’m am an empathetic 32 year old mom of 2 boys {6 and 3}. I’ve been married to Devin for 9 years {just celebrated in October}. I give really great hugs and love having people in my home. Devin is a student pastor and I’ve been serving alongside him in high school ministry our entire marriage. I work at a local elementary school where I also get to help shepherd kids in grades 3-6. I also board dogs at our home through rover.com {which has been the best side gig ever!🐶}
If I could have a super power it would be the ability to nap while driving 😴
I am passionate about deepening my own and helping others nurture their relationship with Jesus, leading students, slow living, minimal screen time {my kids love me for this 😜 } ,warm drinks in over sized mugs, authentic relationships, and pouring into my Husband and babies💛
I would describe my style as earthy. I feel most confident she my clothes are comfortable, unique, earth tones (and the more mustard the better) and a little edgy. But they must fit my mom lifestyle also.

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